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Sex (ré-édition)

I could wait a thousand hours Until you open your door But I can’t wait no more The opening time of your flower I can only imagine my fingers Softly sweeping your silky skin I feel now like a teenager Beyond its dreams falling Minutes after minutes I...

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I love her (Ré-édition)

Desire Pleasure Higher Fire Feel better I love her Safer Daughter Laughter Smoker I love her Ailleurs Better Smaller Anger Hunger I love her Sooner Faster Stronger Believer Teacher I love her Crawler Crooner Leather Leave her Never I love her

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In through the outdoor I see chimera on the floor Unable to believe in hate Crying love for one mate No way to communicate Even if heaven can’t wait Even if they are so poor Truth is in the mirror They feel so desperate That they can’t really create Feel...

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Bleeding the pain

I am running at the door I couldn’t expect more But love is made of gold I though it was so bold But I try to keep me out When I feel so down And I just knocked me out And now I’m undergound You were knocking at my door Could wait a thousands hours I...

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My god !

Don’t say you should love me so Before you’ve seen my own ego The rest of your life You’ll pay The pain you did not betray When the sky becomes your grave Upon us all Don’t forget we’re only slaves In amusement Hall I am digging them so far so low Waiting...

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